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Sooner Nation Won't Be For The Faint Of Heart Tonight: Join Us At 9:00 (If You Dare!)

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Tonight's show won't be for the faint of heart. If you're looking for fluff and puff after Saturday night's disaster in College Station then this isn't where you want to be. Here's some of what we're going to discuss.

* Offensive failures - execution and play calling.
* Defensive breakdowns - Secondary out of place again. My take on why this is still happening?
* My explanation of why Kevin Wilson is a bad offensive coordinator.
* My explanation of why this team plays bad on the road and why the coaches aren't to blame.
* Why Saturday night's loss doesn't remove anything that at stake for this season, for the Sooners, going into the game.
* Big 12 breakdown - Is is time to crown Oklahoma State as the best team in the Big 12?

In addition to what's listed above we want to take your phone calls as well. You can call the show at (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 90138.

We're also going to ask everyone to move over to the TalkShoe forum with us. You don't have to register to chat with us and it makes it easier to call in. Last week we missed a few calls while I was perusing the comments section here at Crimson And Cream Machine so to avoid that we're going to try our best to hangout there. As always, we're looking forward to it!