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OU vs. A&M Offensive Recap: Would You Like Some More Bullets To Keep Shooting Yourself In The Foot?

From the opening snap to the last play of their final possession Oklahoma's offense was a comedy of errors Saturday night in College Station. Possibly the worst offensive play calling of the year, coupled with the inability to block, run and catch a pass led to disaster on too many drives and ultimately OU's second loss of the season. I'll go ahead and tell you that I'm grading the offense out with an F across the board after this performance. Everyone gets one and here's why, in sequence. 


  • First Snap - This is just one of the reasons the offensive line is getting an F. The Sooners couldn't have started off the game in a worse way than this. Without doing anything at all the Aggies are up 2-0.
  • Second Offensive Series/Overthrow of Kenny Stills - Trailing 9-0, Oklahoma had the opportunity to make this a two-point game once more when Kenny Stills was left all alone in the Texas A&M secondary. Unfortunately Landry Jones floated the ball too much and the drive resulted in a punt.
  • Third Offensive Series/Stuffed At The Goal Line - This would turn into a sad theme of the night for Oklahoma's offense but you've got to come away with points here. I actually said at the time that OU should have gone for the field goal here because they desperately needed points here, of any kind.
  • Forth Offensive Series/Overthrow of Kenny Stills Part II - Not quite as bad as the first go around because Landry Jones had to lob the ball over a defender in his face but the end result was the same, wasted opportunity.
  • Fifth Offensive Series/Went backwards from the A&M 24 - With 9:21 left in the second quarter Oklahoma had a 1st and 10 from the Aggie 24-yardline. The next three plays were as follows; Incomplete pass (I still can't believe it wasn't ruled a fumble), pass to DeMarco Murray for -9 yards, sack for -6 yards.
  •  Sixth Offensive Series/Von Miller strikes again - Texas A&M deserves all the credit for shutting down Oklahoma's fifth and sixth drives but the pressure they were able to get in Oklahoma's backfield are just more examples for the F grade along the o-line.
  • Seventh Offensive Series/Bad Landry Throws A Pick - Fresh off a DeMarco Murray 17 yard run that put the Sooners at their own 44, Landry tried to take a shot down field and was picked. This was Oklahoma's final possession of the first half.
  • Eleventh Offensive Series/Mistakes Return - After getting shutout in the first half the Sooners scored on their first three series of the second half only to have their fourth one ended by penalties.
  • Twelfth Offensive Series/Hannah's Drop - Give the coaching staff credit for making a gutsy call here and it's a call that should have put the Sooners up 24-19 but John Nimmo's perfect pass on a fake field goal was dropped by James Hannah in the end zone.  
  • Thirteenth Offensive Series/Possibly the worst field goal attempt in Sooner History - What else can we say about that?
  • Fourteenth Offensive Series/Stuffed At The Goal Line Part II - They could still be running that play and it not working. Can we be anymore obvious with play calling? Answer, no. Just watch what happens next.  
  • Fifteenth Offensive Series/Stuffed At The Goal Line Part III - With 1:55 left in the game, and no timeouts left, the Sooners have a second and goal from the A&M 4 and Kevin Wilson calls the same play three times in a row. Oh yeah, it was a run play to the left. Did I mention the Sooners had no timeouts left?

Now we're left dissecting a loss and wondering what if. What if the snap doesn't go over Landry Jones head on the first play of the game? What if Jones doesn't miss a wide open Kenny Stills twice? What if the Aggies don't start the second half by running back the opening kickoff for a touchdown? What if James Hannah doesn't drop a sure touchdown pass? You see where I'm going with this?

A&M dominated the line of scrimmage resulting in three quarterback sacks and getting stonewalled at the goal line (three times). So let's give the Aggies their due for what they've earned but let's also raise caution to the fact that this team still can't play on the road. Both the players and the coaches are uptight and it bleeds through in execution and play calling.