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College Football Game Day Open Thread

Another late kickoff for Oklahoma means another full day of watching college football before our Sooners take the field. Not that that's a bad thing though because there's going to be some big games in the early slate. None of them in the Big 12 are going to be bigger than Baylor/Oklahoma State. On a national scale it doesn't get bigger than TCU at Utah but don't sleep on Alabama at LSU either. There's also Arkansas at South Carolina and Arizona at Stanford happening at the same time as the Oklahoma/A&M game. This is your place to talk about all the action before the OU game. We'll have our Oklahoma/A&M game thread up around 4:30 this afternoon.

Big 12 Schedule

11:30 #22 Baylor @ #19 Oklahoma State

1:00 Colorado @ Kansas

2:30 #9 Nebraska @ Iowa State

6:00 #11 Oklahoma @ Texas A&M

7:00 #14 Missouri @ Texas Tech

7:00 Texas @ Kansas State

National Games

2:30 #4 TCU @ #6 Utah

2:30 #5 Alabama @ #12 LSU

6:00 #17 Arkansas @ #18 South Carolina

7:00 #13 Arizona @ #10 Stanford