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Scouting Texas A&M - A Look At The Aggie Defense

They're not the Wrecking Crew defenses that once dominated Big 12 offenses in the Big 12 but the Texas A&M defense is a much improved squad from the last few seasons. The Aggies particularly excel against the run where they're the best in the league. The Aggies are the only defense in the conference not allowing 100 yards rushing and are currently holding their opponents to an average of 3 yards per carry.

Against the pass its a bit of a different story for the Aggies where they're seventh in the conference. On average, opposing quarterbacks are completing 60% of their passes for 250 yards per game. That ranks the Aggies 9th in the conference in passing yards allowed per game and gives us a good place to start in game planning against this defense.


Terrence Frederick

35 Tkls/1 Sk/1 Int



Lucas Patterson

13 Tkls/1 Sk


Eddie Brown, JR

17 Tkls


Tony Jerod-Eddie

27 Tkls



Coryell Judie

33 Tkls/2 Int


Von Miller

29 Tkls/3 Sks


Michael Hodges

31 Tkls/2.5 Sks/2 Ints


Garrick Williams

63 Tkls


Sean Porter

22 Tkls/ 0.5 Sks


Steven Terrell

33 Tkls


Trent Hunter

34 Tkls

* As of Aug 30

The Aggies run a 3-4 base defense which is what allows them to be aggressive against the run with four linebackers attacking down hill. Von Miller is a hybrid defender who will line up in a linebacker position but can also be a designated pass rusher. Last season he led the Big 12 in sacks but so far this year he's only tallied up three. This year the Aggie sack master is freshman Demontre Moore who has tallied 5.5 sacks in 8 games but if you remove him then the A&M defense has only recorded 9.5 sacks from other players.

I'm not saying that the Aggies won't get pressure on Landry Jones but I am saying that this isn't the best pass defense Oklahoma has played this year. This is a game where the Sooners will need to use the pass to set up the run. Look for them to exploit their team speed on the edges early by spreading the field and getting to the corners. This will cause A&M to either unload the box or bring the safeties up. Should the Aggies choose to spread out their linebackers to defend the pass and keep the safeties back to protect deep then it should open up running lanes for DeMarco Murray and Roy Finch. On the other hand, if they keep the linebackers between the tackles and move the safeties up then they become susceptible getting burned deep. 

Either way it becomes a game of execution and ball protection for Oklahoma's offense. Success will be there to be found but the Sooner offense will need to be much more efficient than they were the last time they played on the road.