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Sooner Nation Replay - Can The Oklahoma Team We See At Home Make An Appearance On The Road At College Station?

Click The Play Button Above To Listen

I'm gonna go ahead and call our move to a smashing success. Both Jordan and I enjoyed taking our first of hopefully many callers and talking Sooner football and basketball. We're still working out some kinks but in the long run this is going to be a great move. In case you weren't able to catch us live on Thursday night you can get the replay here by just clicking the play button above or you can download it to iTunes at the talkshoe link on the first line of this paragraph. Here's a quick rundown of what we discussed.

* Obviously the Oklahoma/Texas A&M football game.

* What does a quarterback change for the Aggies mean to the Sooners

* Big 12 preview

* Sooner injuries and how they'll affect the game

* Are OU fans anywhere near as bitter about Jeff Fuller's decommitment like A&M fans are/were about Corey Nelson's?

* How Christine Michael's injury will affect the game

* Will this team finally be able to step up win, not just survive, a road game?

* What are the odds that Bad Landry makes the trip?

* Will Kevin Wilson abandon the run game yet again?

* We can't end without talking a little men's and women's basketball.