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OU vs. OSU - Defense comes up HUGE in Bedlam win!

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I'll be honest with you, the adreniline is still flowing pretty freely even this early on a Sunday morning.  So the fact that this will even be a collection of somewhat coherent thoughts is an accomplishment.  I'm not sure about the rest of you, but this OU fan still hasn't come down from the high of last night.  That was an all-timer of a game and fortunately OU was able to come out on top.

With a final score of 47-41, some idiots (like ESPiN's Mark May) will mistakenly assume and even be so stupid as to say, on national television no less, that there was no defense played in this game.  That ESPiN talked head could not have been more wrong.  OU's defense was instrumental in the victory over OSU on Saturday night and anyone who fails to realize that are complete morons.  Yeah the final score read 41 points against, but OU's defense didn't give up the pick six that Landry threw and the defense also didn't give up the 89-yard kickoff return.  So when you take those off the board, the defense really only gave up 27 points to one of the most explosive offenses in the country.  Add to that the OU D allowed just 379 yards (OSU's 2nd lowest output on the season), 257 yards passing and picked off Father Time three times, and most importantly held all Big 12 RB Kendall Hunter to just 59 total yards!  Hunter, by almost everyone's account, was expected to have a field day against an OU run D that has struggled for nearly the entire season.  Of Hunter's 55 total yards rushing on 13 carries (what were you thinking Holgorsen?), 21 yards came on one carry so his remainder of 12 carries for 34 yards is quite unimpressive.  

The defensive gameplan by much maligned Brent Venables was outstanding!  OU used formation and personnel combinations that we haven't seen all season and almost all of it worked to perfection.  Using Jeremy Beal as a stand-up LB type, Austin Box having an amazing game coming off an injury the week prior, great push from the DTs, The Hammer emerging as the DE the coaches told us he could be, Q.Carter with a gigantic redemption game, Javon Harris coming in for an injured Jon Nelson and making multiple huge plays, I could go on and on!

Amazing game on both sides of the ball for OU and while this game surely took some valuable months off the end of my life, I'll trade it for a big time OU win just about any time.