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College Football Game Day Thread

This is why Thanksgiving is the best of the holidays. Thursday night we saw Texas secure their spot as the last place team in the Big 12 South. Friday we saw Nebraska secure their spot as the champions of the Big 12 North. Now today we'll see Oklahoma or Oklahoma State win the South. There's a lot of football to be played between now and then so this is your place to talk about what you're watching. We'll have the Bedlam game thread up around 5:00 this evening but until then feel free to hang out here.

Big 12 Schedule

(17)Texas A&M 24 - Texas 17

Colorado 17 - (16)Nebraska 45

11:30 (15)Missouri @ Kansas

3:00 Kansas State @ North Texas

7:00 Houston @ Texas Tech

7:00 (14)Oklahoma @ (10) Oklahoma State


National Games Of Interest

11:00 Michigan @ (8)Ohio State

2:30 Florida @ (22)Florida State

2:30 (6)LSU @ (12)Arkansas