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Texas Left Looking For A Handout?

Hat tip to Scarab for bringing this to light in this post - After dropping their seventh loss of the season Thursday night the Texas Longhorns stand in unfamiliar territory. At 5-7 they are going to finish dead last in the Big 12 South and one win shy of being bowl eligible.

However, it appears that there is still a glimmer of hope in the Texas locker room as they are waiting for college football's version of the welfare system to kick in. Essentially they're waiting to see if the college football bowl system will give them something they didn't earn.

With the number of bowl games well past the point of being ridiculous there has been growing speculation that a sub .500 football team would get an invite this season. That's what the Longhorns are hoping for, and why not. They may be the best five win/seven loss in the nation (please note the sarcasm). Based off the comments from this article on Orange Bloods the Longhorns are not only aware of the possibility they are hoping for it.

"I think it's something that none of us have ever even heard of or thought of," Mack said. "I think it would be up to DeLoss (Dodds) and Bill Powers. If it did arise and they called me next week and said, 'If you want to go, we can.'

"I think that what I would do is ask the players to vote. I wouldn't want to go and have them not want to go."

LB Keenan Robinson said he'd like to play in a bowl game.

"We'd be happy to play again. I'm not ready for this season to end," Robinson said. "I'd like to play in one more game with these seniors. It would give us one more game to finish things right, like we should at Texas."

Those thoughts were shared by S Blake Gideon and LB Emmanuel Acho.

"If nothing else than for the seniors," Gideon said. "So they can have an opportunity to end on a higher note than what we laid out on film tonight."

So go ahead Texas, go beat Hawaii in the New Mexico Bowl. You still won't be above .500.