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Sooner Basketball Reaches New Low

Oklahoma is going to finish 8th out of 8 teams in Maui Invitational after losing 68-64 to Division II Chaminade, yep I said Division II. That's a new low for a basketball team that's just quite frankly not very talented. Once again the effort was there and the team didn't quit but they also couldn't make any baskets either. 

The Sooners shot 47% from the floor for the game which was barely enough to keep them in the game but the lose was due directly to two things. First, a 57% free throw performance. The math is real simple here, the Sooners lost by and left six points at the charity stripe. Sink those and we're talking about an uncomfortably close win against a Division II school instead of an embarrassing loss.

The second thing that cost Oklahoma was a 27% shooting percentage from three-point range. Now that begs a whole other question of why do you jack it up 22 times from beyond the arch when you're shooting that poorly? Especially when Andrew Fitzgerald has the ability to convert at least half of those missed threes into two-point baskets if they would have just worked it in to him. 

Things aren't going to get any easier for Oklahoma, whose current record stands at 3-3, because before they play their next game in the Lloyd Noble Center they've got road games at Arkansas (next Wednesday) and Arizona (a week from Sunday).