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College Football Game Day Thread

Another night road game for the Sooners means another long day of waiting around and watching the early and afternoon games. My kids are in two different basketball tournaments this afternoon so I'll be in and out but will definitely be parked in front of the TV before OU kicks off. 

We'll have the Oklahoma/Baylor game thread up around 5:30 but until then this is your place to discuss the happenings in college football.

Big 12 Schedule

11:00 (12)Oklahoma State @ Kansas

1:00 Kansas State @ Colorado

2:00 Weber State @ Texas Tech

2:30 Florida Atlantic @ Texas

6:00 (15)Missouri @ Iowa State

7:00 (16)Oklahoma @ Baylor

7:00 (9)Nebraska @ (18) Texas A&M

National Games

2:30 (14)Virginia Tech @ (24) Miami

2:30 (8)Ohio State @ (21)Iowa

6:00 (13)Arkansas @ (22)Mississippi State