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Previewing Baylor: A Look At The Bears' Offense

Baylor's offense isn't quite as cut and dry as their defense. Where you can pretty much take your pick what you want to do against their defense, their offense can burn you on the ground or through the air as well. They have the Big 12's fifth highest scoring offense at a clip of 33.4 points per game and the two-headed monster of Robert Griffin and Jay Finley can be a nightmare to defend.


Lanear Sampson

36 Rec/358 yards


Danny Watkins




Cameron Kaufhold




Philip Blake




Robert T. Griffin




Ivory Wade




Brad Taylor

13 Rec/178 Yrds/1 TD



Terrance Williams

40 Rec/465 yrds/4 TDs


Krys Buerck

3 Rec/52 Yrds



Robert Griffin

254-380/3071 Yrds/20 TDs/6 Ints

121 Rush/628 Yrds/8 TDs


Kendall Wright

63 Rec/798 Yrds/6 Tds


Kaeron Johnson

4 Rec/30 Yrds


Jay Finley

166 Rush/1,098 Yrds/11 TDs

9 Rec/76 Yrds


There are three quarterbacks in the Big 12 who have passed for more than 3,000 yards on the season and Robert Griffin is one of them. However, the problem with defending him is that if you shut down his passing options he's just as dangerous when he tucks the ball and runs. Last week against Texas A&M he had a 71-yard touchdown run. When the Bears aren't relying on Griffin to make a play with his arms or legs they're looking to Jay Finley to make a play. Finley is averaging 6.5 yards a carry and has taken it to the house 11 times this season.

Obviously defending the Baylor offensive attack isn't easy and with the struggles the Sooners have had on defense you can just about bank on them having some offensive success. Still, they have to come up with a game plan and there are some keys to success that have to be followed.

* The defensive ends have to keep containment on Griffin and not allow him out of the pocket. If he's going to tuck and run you want him to stay in the middle instead of outside.

* Linebackers have to read the play-action correctly and not allow anything behind them or allow open running lanes.

* Defensive backs absolutely cannot bite on the play fake. There's already enough troubles with Griffin and Finley to have receivers running wide open.

* Hit and wrap! First contact tackling is a must.