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Previewing Baylor: A Look At The Bears' Defense

If you want to see something ugly take a peek at Baylor's defensive stats, particularly against the pass. The Bears are averaging 27.7 points allowed per game over the course of the season but in conference play that number balloons to 34, mostly because of their inability to defend the pass.


Gary Mason Jr

16 Tkls


Nicolas Jean-Baptiste

26 Tkls/ 0.5 Sk


Phil Taylor

45 Tkls/2 Sks


Tracy Robertson

13 Tkls


Tyler Stephenson

17 Tkls


Mikail Baker

36 Tkls/1 Int


Rodney Chadwick

22 Tkls/2 Sks


Chris Francis

61 Tkls


Antonio Johnson

57 Tkls/3 Sks/1 Int


Tim Atchison

60 Tkls/1 Int


Byron Landor

105 Tkls/1 Int


The Bears are 11th in the Big 12 in pass defense, allowing opposing quarterbacks to complete 65.4% of their passes for an average of 259.2 yards per game. They've given up 13 touchdowns this season through the air while only snagging 9 interceptions. Against the rush they're a little better, ranking 9th in the conference, allowing 164.9 yards per game and 4.3 yards per carry.

With those kind of numbers this should be a game where the Sooners can be completely balanced on offense. Unlike the previous two road opponents that Oklahoma has faced, the Bears don't really excel in one facet of their defense or another. This means that OU won't need to run to set up the pass or pass to set up the run. They can just take what ever they want as long as they execute and take care of the football.