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College Football Game Day Open Thread

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No Sooner football today but that sure doesn't mean that there's going to be a lapse of good games. Before we jump to the national scene, all four of the Big 12's remaining games for Saturday should draw interest. Baylor and Texas Tech is going to be huge for the team that wins but devastating to the loser in terms of the south division race. Colorado at Missouri gives the Buffs a chance to prove to the Big 12 that they're a legitimate threat this season. Then we have conference pride on the line as Texas A&M takes on the SEC and Iowa State the Mountain West.

Big 12 Schedule

Nebraska 48 - Kansas State 13

Oklahoma State 54 - ULL 28

11:00 Baylor/Texas Tech

2:30 (11) Arkansas/Texas A&M

6:00 Colorado @ (24) Missouri

6:00 (10) Utah @ Iowa State

On the national scene there are some big time games with big time implications.


National Games

2:30 (17) Michigan State @ (18) Michigan

2:30 (1) Alabama @ (19) South Carolina

6:30 (12) LSU @ (14) Florida

7:00 (23) Florida State @ (13) Miami


We'll be here all afternoon and evening watching and talking about the games. Make sure to check in with us early and often to add your two cents.