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Friday Forum: Taylor Martinez For The Heisman?

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Every Friday the writers of this site gather and around and discuss the world of college football particularly relating to the Oklahoma Sooners and the Big 12 Conference. Because of a hectic work schedule this week and the forgetful mind of yours truly the discussion questions were never sent out. That's a plus for you, our faithful readers, because this week we're asking you to join in and fill in the blanks. Let's go!

1. We've watched Nebraska quarterback Taylor Martinez run (and pass) all over the Husker's non-conference opponents. Now, with his 128 yards passing/241 yards rushing, 5 touchdown performance in his Big 12 debut is it time to start talking Heisman in Lincoln?

2. With Oklahoma facing the off week this week and not facing game preparation, what is the one thing you hope they focused on the most?

3. Big 12 Power Rankings - Rank the Big 12 teams from 1-12.