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Sooner Nation Replay: Is Brent Venables A Candidate For The Colorado Job

Sooner Nation was a solo project for me Sunday night as my co-host was unable to join me due to technical difficulties with our host site. That didn't stop the discussion from brewing in the forum nor the words from spewing from my mouth, particularly about drunk fans, the Texas Longhorns and why keeping Brent Venables and Kevin Wilson is a good thing for OU. If you missed it, here's where you can catch up. 



Topic Discusses

* Latest BCS Rankings

* Why I'd Like To See A Boise State/TCU BCS Championship Game

* Kevin Wilson & Brent Venables

* Brent Venables To Colorado Rumors

* Offensive And Defensive Recaps From The Colorado Game 

* Rant About The Night Game 

* What Is The Texas Excuse

* Big 12 Review

* Men's Basketball Preview