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Sooner Nation Replay: Previewing Colorado With Jon Woods Of The Ralphie Report/Where Are The Big 12 Defenses?

Due to the ever looming technical difficulties when you're trying to connect phones and internet Thursday night's show won't go down as a hall of fame moment for the Sooner Nation program but we did get a lot accomplished despite the difficulties. Jon Woods from The Ralphie Report joined us to talk in depth about the Colorado Buffaloes and the future of Dan Hawkins. We are interrupted a bit by a technical snafu but he comes back on right around the 30 minute mark.

Click Here To Listen To The Show

Other topics that were discussed on the show were:

* Where Have The Big 12 Defenses Gone?
* Is there a chance that the Sooners will come out flat in this game?
* If Colorado is a confidence booster for the Sooners then which aspect of Oklahoma's game could they use the most confidence?
* How much pressure can Oklahoma's defensive line get on Cody Hawkins?
* Will Roy Finch get more carries?
* Is this a game where the backups see some action?
* What the Sooners need to do in order to win the Big 12 Championship.
* Suspension of OSU's Justin Blackmon
* Running down the Big 12 weekend