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Previewing Colorado - A Look At The Buffaloes' Offense

Here's the problem with looking at stats and trying to apply them to how Okahoma's defense will perform against a team. It just doesn't work! Last week Oklahoma faced a Missouri team that is still near the bottom of the conference in rushing (9th) and the Tigers ran over the Sooners 4.6 yards per carry. 

Now Oklahoma's defense faces a Colorado team that ranks 8th in the conference in passing and 10th in rushing. It should be a no brainer that this is a recipe of success for Oklahoma's defense, especially when you consider that Colorado is without starting quarterback Tyler Hansen which means they'll more than likely lean towards running more than throwing. 


Toney Clemons

26 Rec/317 Yards/ 1 TD





Ryan Deehan

18 Rec/190 Yards



Nate Soldier





Ethan Adkins






Mike Iltis






Ryan Miller




David Bakhtiari



Scotty McKnight

31 Rec/338 Yards/3 TDs



Travon Patterson

19 Rec/115 Yards/1 TD





Cody Hawkins

38/68 - 407 yards/2 TDs/1 INTs





Rodney Stewart

154 Rush/652 Yards/5 TDs

The Buffaloes are averaging 215 passing yards per game but as previously stated that was with Tyler Hansen at the helm and we're dealing with Cody Hawkins now. In my opinion that means we'll see the offense run (literally) through Rodney Stewart to try and free up some things for Hawkins to find Scotty McKnight. Colorado is averaging 3.4 yards per carry as a team and 136.9 yards per game. 

Look for Oklahoma to play to stop the run first and trust the defensive backs to keep the passing game to a minimum. That means linebackers are going to draw coverage on tight ends (Maybe Tony Jefferson) and running backs.