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Big 12 Quote Board - "Are You Serious Right Now?"

Have you taken a look at the Big 12 standings recently? Missouri is the only undefeated team left in the conference, Baylor is atop the Big 12 South standings, Oklahoma State is second and Texas is fourth. Obviously there's a lot to talk about this week on SBN's Big 12 blogs. 

Short and sweet, who should take the field as starter against the dirt monkeys when we face off at Kyle Field on Saturday: Jerrod Johnson or Ryan Tannehill? If you feel like defending or arguing for your choice, feel free to leave a comment. - I Am The 12th Man   

After the Georgia win, Colorado was sitting at 3 - 1 heading into a very manageable three game stretch. If the Buffs could win two which wasn't a stretch with a couple of winnable home games, a 5-2 start would have led to some optimism. With three games remaining against Kansas State, Kansas and Iowa State, who knows, maybe an eight win season wasn't out of the question. The schedule set up unbelievably favorable with Texas Tech, Baylor, Iowa State and Kansas State at home.

Could have. Would have.

What a difference three weeks makes from that Georgia game. - The Ralphie Report

I took some time last night to watch the Oklahoma State over again to get a better idea of what happened, why we gave up so many points, and what it was that allowed Taylor Martinez to throw five touchdown passes in a single game when he'd only thrown three the previous six games.

First - the defense. Husker fans are worried about the defense giving up 41 points and 495 yards to the Oklahoma State offense. Even with having watched the game again, I don't think I'm as worried as most - it was the first time in 15 games that an opponent scored over 21 points, and there's a fair bet that streak can resume again this week against Missouri. (We'll get into that more as the week moves on.) - 

Corn Nation

Make no mistake about it. Oklahoma State still controls their own destiny.

The loss to a good - if not great Nebraska team stings but we won't see another Defense (or Quarterback) that good all year. The hopes of winning the Big 12 South are very much alive and as we've seen in the past, anything can happen if you get to the title game.

So what's left? What will this team have to do to win the South and play for a Big 12 title? - 

Cowboys Ride For Free

Everyone likes to play the "What If..." game. As of today, there's a chance (albeit an extremely slim one) that the Cyclones could go to the Big 12 Championship Game at Jerry-World. "How?" you say? Three things need to happen:

  1. ISU does not lose another game
  2. Missouri loses to Nebraska
  3. KSU must lose one more conference game

How likely are these things to happen? Not very, but I no longer say it's impossible. Assuming the aforementioned "What If" happens, ISU would be 8-4, and 6-2 in Conference play, with wins over Mizzou and Nebraska both of which are also no better than 6-2 in conference play. - Clone Chronicles

1. Get off to a fast start

Considering we started off with a 3 and out and then A&M took it and ran it down our throat for a touchdown, I would say this was a big fail. It was only 14-3 after the quarter though, so that's something!

2. Win the battle up front

Jake Laptad got a sack, which was the first by a D lineman all year. If this thing gets graded on a curve, I think that's an automatic A. Kansas also averaged just under 4.5 yards per carry. Still, they allowed A&M to rush for 4.9 yards per carry and the quarterbacks were sacked three times. - 

Rock Chalk Talk

I had so much fun at, and was so proud of, our win in Lincoln that I allowed myself to believe this team -- this staff -- had turned a corner.  At the very least, I hoped for it.

And then Saturday happened.

How bad was the loss to Iowa State? Many are calling it the worst in the Mack Brown era. More than a few have essentially declared themselves through with this team.

And my good friend Adam Jones somberly declares, "This is the end."  As in, the superior run of the Mack Brown era.  As in, the best is behind us. - 

Burnt Orange Nation

The Discussion:  LAJ's Adam Zuvanich asked about the discussion from Saturday, which is, in the 4th quarter against Colorado on the 12 yard line QBTaylor Potts threw a fade to Detron Lewis, who had one-on-one coverage against Colorado's CB Jalil Brown.  The ball was severely underthrown and on the cornerback side of the field and not the endzone side of the field and Brown intercepted the pass.  The radio announcers said that a discussion occurred between head coach Tommy Tuberville, offensive coordinator Neal Brown and Potts.  Per Zuvanich, a run play was called and Potts checked into a pass.  I don't necessarily disagree with Potts passing the ball in that situation and more times that not, he throws a pretty good fade route (I think that this may have gotten caught up in the wind because if there's one thing that Potts can do, is throw a fade).   - Double T Nation  

Can someone please explain to me how in the world this is acceptable? I don't want to hear the "What's the other option" argument either. Until I see Easley, Hunnicutt, or O'Hara routinely shank gimmie FGs and make me sweat out every PAT, there is no argument that we don't have another option. Am I wrong, or wasn't O'Hara the "starter" to open the season? And again, I might be wrong but doesn't he appear to be back from his injury? So why again would he not move ahead of Stevens after he kills us yet again? - Crimson And Cream Machine

A Game of Inches and Decimal Points

Turnovers aside, it is difficult to find too many instances where Mizzou had an extreme advantage in this game.  In the end, they were just a little better across the board.  They were a bit better in the field position battle, a bit better running the ball, a bit better on standard downs, a bit better on passing downs, and a bit better on second and third downs.  In the end, the Tigers ruled four categories: - Rock M Nation

After a two-week hiatus, we get a game that doesn't lie at the extremes of well-played (KU) or utter disaster (NU).  It will be nice to go through the usual format and give some thoughts on the game, even though I was only able to listen on the radio.

First of all, one thing everyone needs to rid themselves is the stigma of "losing to Baylor."  Four years ago, when Ron Prince's first team went to Waco and lost, that was a legitimate stigma, because Baylor was still, well, Baylor.  When a team has been the joke of the conference since it was formed, it's difficult to shake the perception that they remain the doormat.  Clearly, withRobert Griffin III and Art Briles, that's no longer the case with the Bears.  Interestingly, Briles has brought over the "all offense, no defense" trait I saw so much of at Houston when I was down there.  Still, he has installed a very good offense and now has at least some of the personnel to execute it. -  Bring On The Cats