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Previewing Colorado: A Look Back At The Last Time They Played The Sooners

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The last time Oklahoma faced Colorado on the football field we felt much like we do now coming off last Saturday's Missouri loss. It was a game of mistakes and failures against an opponent poised for an upset on homecoming weekend. 

Sam Bradford played quite possibly his worst game as a Sooner, completing just 8 of 19 passed for 112 yards and one touchdown to two interceptions. Allen Patrick carried the ball 18 times for 96 yards and DeMarco Murray, as a redshirt freshman, carried the ball 6 times for 19 yards. Juaquin Iglesias was the only Sooner to catch more than one pass and he barely did that by catching just two passes. All in all it was a horrible day for the Oklahoma offense which allowed Colorado to hang around for the game winning field goal as time expired.