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Sooner Nation Replay - Latest BCS Rankings, What Went Wrong In Columbia And Moving On After A Loss

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The Sooners remained ranked in the top 10 of the BCS this week after losing to Missouri on Saturday night. That's actually good news for Oklahoma after expecting them to fall further. It also gave us some good topics for our latest edition of Sooner Nation. 

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Here's a quick rundown of our talking points. 

  • How bad was the OU staff outcoached/were the perceived bad decisions really that bad?
  • First half offensive failures
  • Why Oklahoma's offense failed to produce in the second half
  • How Missouri attacked the weakness of the OU offense
  • Where do we got from here/what's left to play for?
  • Big 12 Rundown
  • Was the Iowa State game the low point of Mack Brown's tenure in Austin?
  • Latest BCS Rankings
  • Would A TCU vs. Boise State BCS championship game be worth it if it means death to the BCS?