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Sooner Nation Tonight At 9:00 – Dissecting The Disappointment And Where Do We Go From Here



There are so many frustrations and needs for explanations that we've got a lot to discuss tonight. That's at least where we'll start and then we'll move on from to these other topics.

  • How bad was the OU staff outcoached/were the perceived bad decisions really that bad?
  • First half offensive failures
  • Why Oklahoma's offense failed to produce in the second half
  • How Missouri attacked the weakness of the OU offense
  • Where do we got from here/what's left to play for?
  • Big 12 Rundown
  • Latest BCS Rankings

Of course there's much more to discuss and I'm willing to bet that you've got your own thoughts as well. Post some discussion points in the thread and make sure to join us when the show goes live.