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College Football Game Day Open Thread

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Cincinnati didn't do Oklahoma any favors Friday night by losing to South Florida but the Sooners can do themselves a huge favor tonight by grabbing a road win against the Missouri Tigers who are currently 11th in the BCS. We have a lot of football to be played between now and then and this is your place to talk it. We'll have the OU/Missouri thread up around 5:00 PM but until then, enjoy those early games. 

Big 12 Schedule

11:00 Iowa State @ #22 Texas

2:30 Kansas State @ Baylor

2:30 #14 Nebraska @ #17 OSU

2:30 Texas Tech @ Colorado

6:00 Texas A&M @ Kansas

7:00 Oklahoma @ Missouri

National Games Of Interest

2:30 #10 Wisconsin @ #13 Iowa

2:30 #6 LSU @ #5 Auburn

7:00 Air Force @ #4 TCU

* Rankings are from the Coaches Poll

Guide of the important games today, posted to the site earlier in the week.