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Sooner Nation Replay - Dejuan Miller Out Cam Kenney In? The Missouri Preview

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JTE and I took to the airwaves again Thursday night to discuss Oklahoma's receiver situation with Dejuan Miller being out as well as previewing this weekend's game against the Missouri Tigers. Here's what we discussed: 


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 *Will Oklahoma's front seven be able to get pressure on Gabbert?

* Protecting Landry from Missouri's defensive line

Ryan Broyles and Kenny Stills vs the Missouri pass defense 

* Is Missouri's offense one dimensional?

* Is Venables going to play a 3-4? (There are rumors that A.Taylor might not start/play that much since they pass so much and have really wide splits along their o-line)

* How will OU defend TE Michael Egnew?

* Will Gameday/the atmosphere have an affect on the game?

* Can Mizzou's defense stop the Murray/Madu/Finch/Clay machine?

* Who is better prepared to play in a bad weather type game? (predicting rain pretty much all day there on Saturday)

* Previewing the Big 12 weekend