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OU Women's Basketball - Media day recap

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How long will Sooner fans have to wait to see these two on the court together this year?
How long will Sooner fans have to wait to see these two on the court together this year?

I know, I know, we're in the middle football season but being a huge fan of all things OU I'm happy to cover any and all things Sooner related.  It's Big 12 basketball media days here in Kansas City and as is the tradition, the women lead things off today.  The OU women have a lot of newcomers and as most of you probably know, will be without superstar Whitney Hand until at least conference play.  It's going to be a much different team than the last couple years and should be a very fun and exciting team to watch this year.  Expectations appear to have been lowered from a outsider perspective, but I'm quite certain that expectations are still quite high with Coach Coale and within that locker room.

Check out the breakdown as well as some video after the jump.

This team only has three seniors in the 2010-2011 season and they are all-world PG Danielle Robinson, F Carlee Roethlisberger, and G Lauren Willis and actually only have one junior that has even contributed in G Jasmine Hartman.  So needless to say, there will be plenty of youth on the court for the Lady Sooners this year.  For anyone unfamiliar, here is the current roster.

2010-11 Roster

No. Name Ht. Pos. Year Hometown (Last School)
3 Aaryn Ellenberg 5-7 G FR Las Vegas, Nev. (Bishop Gorman)
4 Nicole Griffin 6-6 C FR Milwaukee, Wis. (Vincent)
10 Carlee Roethlisberger 6-1 F SR Findlay, Ohio (Findlay)
12 Jelena Cerina 6-5 C JR Vrsac, Serbia (Northeastern Okla. A&M)
13 Danielle Robinson 5-9 G SR San Jose, Calif. (Archbishop Mitty)
14 Lauren Willis 5-11 G SR Overland Park, Kan. (St. Thomas Aquinas)
15 Alexann Yancey 5-8 G FR Plano, Texas (West)
22 Morgan Hook 5-10 G FR Lowell, Ark. (Rogers)
25 Whitney Hand 6-1 G RS SO Fort Worth, Texas (Liberty Christian)
31 Kodi Morrison 5-8 G SO Seminole, Okla. (Varnum)
34 Jacqueline Jeffcoat 6-2 F/C FR Plano, Texas (West)
44 Lyndsey Cloman 6-3 F/C SO San Antonio, Texas (Taft)
45 Jasmine Hartman 5-10 G JR Houston, Texas (Bellaire)
53 Joanna McFarland 6-3 F/C SO Derby, Kan. (Derby)

 First why don't we hear from the lovely Sooner coach herself in Mrs. Sherri Coale at Big 12 media days.


G Danielle Robinson - The straw that stirs this Sooner drink and this team will only go as far as she can take it, at least until Whitney Hand returns.  Robinson is looking to have yet another outstanding year and cap off one of the all time Sooner careers with respect to OU women's basketball.

F Carlee Roethlisberger - The definition of a streaky player, at least when it comes to her shot.  Very often hit and miss on the offensive end, the same cannot be said for Carlee on defense.  She is an excellent defensive player and someone who will never have her effort questioned.

G  Lauren Willis - A reserve for most of her career, she received her most substantial playing time last year.  An excellent shooter and a player that can provide a spark off the bench.

G Jasmine Hartman - Robinson's primary backup at the point guard spot.  Probably the best defender on the team.

G Whitney Hand - Devastated by the news of a follow up surgery earlier this summer, Hand will miss at least all of the non-con season.  If you don't know what Hand brings to this team, then I probably can't explain it to you.


Probably not the best description of these ladies, but I just have a hard time calling 2nd year players "vets."

F/C Joanna McFarland - By far and away (at least until we see them play some games) OU's best post player.  McFarland became a solid contributor last year.

F/C Lyndsey Cloman - Saw limited time last year and looks to secure a spot in the post rotation this season.

G Kodi Morrison - A reserve guard who probably won't see much time outside of blowouts.


G Aaryn Ellenberg - From what I've heard, this girl is even faster than Robinson!  I'm sure she'll have to develop a jump shot much like Robinson has done over her career, but I'd expect Ellenberg to be a major contributor off the bench.

C Nicole Griffin - OU hasn't had a lot of 6-6 girls on campus in years past and now they basically have two on the same team.  Griffin is only a freshman so I'd assume her skills are a little raw, so Sherri can just point her towards the basket and give her one job.  Rebound.

C Jelena Cerina - A JUCO transfer, Cerina isn't a scoring machine but she's a monster on the boards.  Could OU go with the twin tower lineup with her and Griffin?

G Alexann Yancey - I'll be honest, I don't know a lot about Alexann.  My guess is she's a shooter, possibly similar to the role Sooner fans have seen in years past from a Chelsi Welch or Erin Higgins.

G Morgan Hook - A two time Arkansas POY who has already had her high school number retired.  A scoring machine in high school.

F/C Jacqueline Jeffcoat - The name should sound familiar if you're a football fan, her brother plays for the hated Longhorns.  Obviously she's the smart one in the family and looks to start a great career in Norman.  A very impressive athlete for her size (6-2) and could be a solid contributor in the post for OU this year.

Again, this should be a fast and exciting team to watch this year.  If they can just avoid any significant setbacks while they wait for Hand to return, they could be ready to explode once conference play starts.

Good luck this year ladies!  We'll be watching!