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OU 28 - Texas 20 Post Game Thoughts

JTE and I will have the offensive and defensive recaps up later on but for now, here are a few thoughts. Anytime you beat Texas its a good win. Style  points are always nice but not necessary. Beating Texas by 8, 80 or 1 is always nice regardless of mistakes or bad calls. So with it understood that I'm completely satisfied with this game, here are a few post-game thoughts.

DeMarco Murray was the best player on the field. He started his Sooner career with a big game over Texas and he ended it with one. He ran strong and hard and even showed a little grace down the sideline on his final score. Murray ended up with 121 rushing yards on 26 carries (4.7 YPC) and 31 receiving yards on 4 receptions (7.8 YPC).

Kevin Wilson called a great first half. He came out and punched Will Muschamp's defense in the mouth and Captain F-Bomb had no answer.  Texas never could catch up with Oklahoma's fast paced offense.

Oklahoma won this game by protecting the ball. The turnovers for the game were fewer than expected but they were also non-existent. With the way the game flow turned out giving Texas a short field off a turnover could have been disastrous.

Oklahoma's freshmen were spectacular! We've seen Kenny Stills show glimpses here and there but this was his breakout game. He led the team in receiving yards (77) and his touchdown catch will be an ESPN Top 10. Tony Jefferson was second on the team in tackles (9), Aaron Colvin had 7 tackles and Trey Millard averaged 4.2 yards per touch.

Linebackers played out of their minds. Travis Lewis and Tom Wort tied for the team lead in tackles (10) and they were laying the wood on Longhorn ball carriers with several huge hits.

Coaching staff out-coached themselves in the fourth quarter. It was clear that the second half strategy was to run the clock and not turn the ball over. To be honest, I'm fine with that because at the end of the day the only stat that really matters is 5-0. However, the fake field goal was just ridiculous. When you're up like that either go for it with your offense or give your kicker a chance.

Was the Texas defense ordinary or Landry Jones that good? The Longhorns were exposed a bit last week when they eventually folded against UCLA but they had yet to be challenged through the air. Landry Jones completed 62.5% of his passes for 242 yards and two scores with no turnovers.

O-Line had a very solid day. Landry was only sacked twice and DeMarco had a big day.

Defense still has some work to do. Keep in mind that this Texas offense is very anemic and while the Sooner defense played their best game since Florida State there were still blown coverages and missed assignments. Texas just didn't have the weapons to capitalize on it.

Oklahoma most likely knocked Texas out of the Top 25. That makes this win double sweet!