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Are The Sooners The New Team Everyone Loves To Hate?

I thought this question deserved to be asked after I saw a comment from Redhawk on the site:

I too was getting the feeling we are the most hated program in college football right now. Even Notre Dame, and USC are getting passes

I "googled" different versions of "most hated team in college football", but I couldn't come up with a site that had any hard poll numbers, just a lot of different lists that people threw together. One person's opinion doesn't really help answer the question.

If you look at it logically, the usual suspects are all having somewhat down years - USC, Notre Dame (okay, they're having a bad stretch of years), Florida, Miami, etc. This leaves OU as a team that is drawing a lot of ire, especially with the #1 ranking in the BCS, and especially with ESPN pushing the idea that this is a conspiracy by 6 computer rankings.

Voice your opinion in the comments section, and of course, vote in the poll that I'm attaching to this story.