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Initial BlogPoll Ballot: Week 8

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Perhaps it was a good thing that the Oregon Ducks were off over the weekend or they might have fallen to the #1 curse. As it is, it appears that the BlogPoll voters had it right last week by not jumping on the main stream media's Ohio State Bandwagon. Of course there were some BlogPoll voters who went down the Ohio State road and this week we're all pointing and laughing at you.

Anyway, here's how I'm voting this week. Feel free to drop your comments.

1. Oregon - BYE

2. TCU - Won 31-3 over BYU

3. Oklahoma - Won 52-0 over Iowa State

4. Boise State - Won 48-0 over San Jose St.

5. Auburn - Won 65-43 over Arkansas

6. LSU - Won 32-10 over McNeese St

7. Alabama - Won 23-10 over Mississippi

8. Iowa - Won 38-28 over Michigan

9. Florida State - Won 24-10 over Boston College

10. Utah - Won 30-6 over Wyoming