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Previewing The Missouri Tigers - A Look Back At The Last Time They Played The Sooners

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The last time the Sooners and Tigers faced each other on the football field was a night that Missouri fans would most likely rather forget. The Sooners were marching towards the BCS championship game and the Tigers were just another team in the way. The result was a 62-21 Sooner victory. 

Sam Bradford secured the Heisman Trophy with 384 passing yards and two touchdowns. Juaquin Iglesias was Bradford's main target. He caught 9 passes for 125 yards and both touchdowns. Chris Brown and Mossis Madu ran for 122 and 114 yards respectively with each scoring three touchdowns. Oklahoma took 92 offensive snaps that night for a total of 627 yards. 

Defensively it was a night of big hits for the Sooners, particularly for Quintin Carter who finished with 8 tackles. Carter was third on the list in tackling though behind Nic Harris who had 10 and Travis Lewis who led all tacklers with 13.