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Sooner Nation Tonight At 9:00 - The BCS Breakdown And Roy Finch No Longer A Secret

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By the time we go live tonight the BCS Standings will have been released. That means that we have a lot to delve into before we even get to Saturday night's domination of Iowa State. 

Here are our talking points.

  • BCS Breakdown
  • Game Balls
  • Is Roy Finch The Best Kept Secret In The Big 12
  • Offensive & Defensive Reviews
  • Have The Sooners Established Themselves As The Top Team In The Big 12?
  • Is Tress Way Injured?
  • Did The Starters Play Too Long
  • Big 12 Coaches On The Hot Seat
  • Big 12 Recaps

Join us live tonight by clicking on the play button above when the show goes live. You can also participate in the conversation by using the comments section. 

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