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OU dominates Iowa State celebration thread

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As you've become accustomed to, CC and I will have our offensive/defensive breakdowns up later.  But for now, consider this your official "domination" celebration thread.  We've been waiting all year for this kind of performance from our Sooners and outside of the FSU game, we finally got to see it.  There were a plethora of things to be excited about:


  • Landry Jones putting up out of this world type numbers.  30-34, 334 yards, 3 TDs, 0 INTs.  Very, very impressive
  • Ryan Broyles defies the human vocabulary.  
  • DeMarco Murray getting the TD record at home!
  • The debut of Roy Finch, who looked just as good as advertised.  Not to mention, Brennan Clay looking equally impressive during his time in mop up duty.
  • The continued development of Kenny Stills.  Trey Franks getting involved early and often.  James Hanna getting another TD.  Trent Ratterree getting a 40 yard reception.
  • "Big" Jimmy Stevens hitting a 37 yarder

Pretty hard to find much to complain about tonight Sooner fans, so enjoy an absolutely dominating performance!  Big game next week in Columbia!  Boomer Sooner!!!