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Friday Forum: Who Would You Replace Bob Stoops With?

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All quiet on the western front. At least that's been the case at Crimson And Cream Machine the last week or so with the Sooners coming off a bye week and facing Iowa State this weekend. Even the Friday Forum is quite this weekend with only JTE and myself checking in. So once again we're calling on you. Let us know how you'd respond to these questions by leaving you comments.



1) Predict the winners of this weekend's Big 12 games

Kansas State @ Kansas - KSU looked about as bad as you can look last week against Nebraska, but they might be playing the worst team in the Big 12 this week.  So look for the Wildcats to get back on track this week it what figures to be a brutal game to watch.

Missouri @ Texas A&M - This might be one of the more difficult games to call.  Mizzou is one of four undefeated Big 12 teams, but they haven't played anyone worth a bleep.  A&M is coming off consecutive losses and really hasn't looked very good in either.  Based primarily on the home field, I'll take A&M with just enough offense to get past Mizzou.

OSU @ Texas Tech - Is this the week the Pokes finally go away?  It's the same story every year with these guys and yet it never seems to get old with them despite the lack of results.  Okie State hasn't won in Lubbock since 1944 and despite a gut feeling that they possibly find a way to get it done; I'm taking Tech and history.  I think this could be the game where Weeden struggles and is the main reason OSU loses.

Texas @ Nebraska - Wow, did UT not do it's part on this one!  In most instances, you'd think that would mean NU might be sleeping on a struggling opponent.  However, given how upset they were at the end of last year I don't see that happening.  I think Pelini and his players see this as an opportunity to kick a team when it's down and eliminate any chance they might have had to get back up.  I mean who doesn't want to see the mighty Longhorns lose three in a row?

Baylor @ Colorado - Am I supposed to predict a final score here or the number of sacks the Bears get against the vaunted CU o-line?  I'll take Baylor to win and if the Baylor sack line is 2 ½ I'll take the under.

Iowa State @ Oklahoma - To me, this one is pretty simple (at least it better be).  I think OU back at home after two weeks away will simply be too much for ISU.  I'll be very disappointed if OU doesn't win going away.  I won't predict another 60 spot put up against the Cyclones, but I could see OU getting into the fifties if they play the way I hope they will.

2. Pick the head coach from another Big 12 school that you'd put on the sidelines in place of Bob Stoops for just one game.

Honestly, this is a pretty difficult question to answer as I don't see there being very many legitimate options.  So I'll take Stoops' counterpart this coming Saturday in Paul Rhoads.  He's a guy who clearly has the respect of his players and I'm not sure of anyone who saw that post game locker room scene from last year and wasn't impressed.  I think the improvements he's made with that program are pretty evident and while I don't expect that to make a big difference this Saturday, it shouldn't take away from the strides he's made in his short time there.

3. Give us your Big 12 offensive and defensive players of the week from last weekend.

I have to go with two Huskers and honestly it wasn't even really close.

Offense - Taylor Martinez

Defense - Lavonte David

Martinez had a very impressive game, but David was almost equally as impressive in a performance that was probably overlooked by some.  I watched that game thinking "How was OU not in on this David kid?"  He was absolutely everywhere on defense and looks like an incredibly impressive player.  He's was a KS JUCO kid, an area OU recruits very well, and Coach Pelini appears to have found a pretty good one.

4. Big 12 Power Rankings?

1. Oklahoma 5-0 - If you can't lose your job to injury, then you can't lose your #1 spot to a bye week.  You can't argue with how impressive NU has been, but you also can't ignore the level of competition they've faced thus far either.

2. Nebraska 5-0 - The Huskers get their first real test against the slumping Horns this Saturday.  If UT can stop/slow down Martinez and the zone read, I'm not sure there is a scenario where Martinez can beat UT throwing the ball.

3. Missouri 5-0 - There is a big drop off from the top two teams (at least at this point).  Mizzou travels to arguably one of the most intimidating road venues this week @ aTm.

4. Oklahoma State 5-0 - I'm still not a believer and won't be even if they win @ Lubbock this week.  In my opinion, we won't know much about this team until next week's game against Nebraska.

5. Texas Tech 3-2 - The rest of these teams could really go in almost any order and that's not a good thing.  I'll go with Tech here coming off a shootout win against Baylor.

6. Kansas State 4-1 - But that one loss was an UGLY one.  They also appear to have the QB issues now that we all expected heading into the season.

7. Baylor 4-2 - Tough loss last week and clearly the offense is not the problem here.  Fortunately, they face a pretty average (with exception of the o-line of course) CU offense this week.

8. Texas 3-2 - Looking to make a statement for their season this week or completely fold up and confirm Mack has lost this team.  If they get the chance, I fully expect Pelini to run it up on Muschamp's D.

9. Kansas 2-3 - Much like the Alabama loss helped others in the polls, the KU bye week helps them move up in my power rankings.  That and nothing more as I still consider them the worst team in the league.

10. Texas A&M 3-2 - Coming off two losses where their offense has looked very ordinary.  Johnson is definitely not living up to the preseason hype and if the offense cannot carry this team, they will not go very far.

11. Colorado 3-2 - Looked absolutely inept this past week in getting shutout against Mizzou. 

12. Iowa State 3-3 - Sure there are worse teams (KU) in the conference, but when you get 68 rolled up on you, at home no less, you're going to find yourself in the basement.

CC Machine

1. Predict the winners of this weekend's Big 12 games

Kansas State @ Kansas - The Wildcats were manhandled by Nebraska last week and now face their in-state rivals in a game that no one outside of the state of Kansas. I've not seen anything from Kansas that would lead me to believe they're capable of winning this game though. So I have to go with the Wildcats in a moderately low scoring game. (Boy, I had that one wrong!)

2. Missouri @ Texas A&M - The first team to produce something that looks like a defense will win this game. The Aggies have a couple of notches in their  loss column but to their credit their schedule has been much more difficult than Missouri's to this point of the season. I've got a hunch that this week the Aggies will get it done after two consecutive losing weekends. Don't underestimate the desperation factor.

3. Oklahoma State @ Texas Tech - These two teams mirror each other so much that its scary. I honestly think that you could flip a coin to present your case for the winner and you'd be able to get it right. My coin said heads which means I'm picking the Red Raiders to win it at home. 

4. Texas @ Nebraska - Texas has had two weeks to prepare and Nebraska has been waiting for this game since December of last year. You don't get much better than that when it comes to building anticipation. I see this as unfolding to be an ugly game that the Huskers win in the neighborhood of 10-7.

5. Baylor @ Colorado - After getting blanked against Missouri last week its do or die time for the Buffs. The Bears are working at becoming the up and comers in the South and while their offense can rack up the yards their defense will make you pull your hair out. Still I like the visitors in this game.

6. Iowa State @ Oklahoma - We've gone into detail about this game here at Crimson And Cream Machine and JTE and I gave our score predictions last night on Sooner Nation. I see Landry having a big day and the Sooners getting the win going away here. 

2. Pick the head coach from another Big 12 school that you'd put on the sidelines in place of Bob Stoops for just one game.

I'll answer this one for Mack Brown. Because he most certainly wouldn't be my pick but his opponent this weekend would. Bo Pelini and Bob Stoops are cut from the same mold. They're both defensive minded and fiery coaches that produce results and bring about quick turnarounds.

3. Give us your Big 12 offensive and defensive players of the week from last weekend.

Offensive - Taylor Martinez, Nebraska

Defensive - David Lavonte, Nebraska

4. Big 12 Power Rankings

1. Nebraska

2. Oklahoma

3. Missouri

4. Oklahoma State

5. Kansas State

6. Texas

7. Texas Tech

8. Texas A&M

9. Baylor

10. Iowa State

11. Colorado

12. Kansas