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Sooner Nation Replay - How Big Does OU Need To Win Over ISU?

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Listen To Thursday Night's Broadcast

OU/Iowa State, Does DeMarco Get The Record And Much More


I told you we had a full show and that's exactly what it was as we went way into overtime. Conversations we're in abundance and we made the most of it. Here's some of what we talked about.

  • Does Murray break Steve Owens' TD record on Saturday?
  • Even if he doesn't get the record on Saturday and assuming he stays healthy he'll break it in the next week or two.  So do you think he will be mentioned with the Owens, Washington, Sims, Peterson, etc. group?
  • What's up with Frank Alexander getting passed on the depth chart
  • Why does it seem that everyone is so quick to dismiss OU's win over Florida State?
  • How big of an impact would Alexander Robinson not playing for Iowa State have on Saturday's game?
  • Does Arnaud being a mobile QB worry OU fans?
  • Does OU need to put up a similar score that Utah did (especially since OU is at home) to avoid criticism coming out of this game?
  • OSU @ Tech and Texas @ Nebraska games.