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Sooners Looking For First Conference Road Win...

...and Nebraska is looking for their first conference win. They enter the game 0-5 in conference play. The Cornhuskers have an RPI of 140, compared to the Sooners 82, despite similar overall records of 12-8. They also have very comparable Adjusted Scoring Margins (ASM, OU-6.3, Neb-7.3). This means one would expect a pretty even game.

Both teams play at a relatively slow place, so we'll probably see a game with scoring in the 65-70 range. One thing to note is that Nebraska struggles typically on the offensive glass, so limiting reloads will be key to a win. They shoot the three at a 39% clip, which is 29th best nationally. They also have a high assist to field goal ratio, which suggests they like to have a couple of guys penetrate to the basket and then kick out to spot up shooters. 

It depends on what Capel decides to do, but I think that if we come out in a zone defense we're in trouble. We are already one of the worst 3P FG% defenses in the country (36.8%, 284th) and we are especially bad when we are in a zone.  I think the best strategy is to play man defense and extend to cover the shooters - make the Huskers beat you with the 2. 

The rumors right now are that Crocker will be out and Willie Warren might be back. Both were injured against Iowa State.