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Remembering The Fallen Cowboys

Nine year's ago today the Oklahoma State family was struck with disaster as 11 members of their basketball family were tragically killed in a plane crash while returning from Boulder, Colorado. The names of those killed are Kendall Durfey, Bjorn Fahlstrom, Nate Fleming, Will Hancock, Daniel Lawson, Brian Luinstra, Denver Mills, Pat Noyes, Bill Teegins and Jared Weiberg.

There are times when it is more than appropriate to set aside university bias, rivalry hatred and support an opposing fan base. This is one of those times. I'm a Cowboy for tonight and will be cheering for OSU as they host Texas A&M in Gallagher-Iba Arena. Ironically it was A&M's play-by-play announcer Dave South who was the lone play-by-play guy in the conference who refused to take Bill Teegins seat for a broadcast in honor of the late, great Cowboy broadcaster who perished in the crash. Announcers from the remaining ten conference schools, with Oklahoma's Bob Barry Sr. taking the first game after the crash, filled in to honor Teegins and broadcast OSU basketball for the remainder of the season. Just another reason to pull for the Cowboys tonight.