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Kevin Wilson Rumors Starting To Swirl

Yesterday in a phone conversation a friend informed me that he'd heard from a source at the school where Oklahoma offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson's children attend that they wouldn't be back next year because they are moving. I immediately dismissed the rumor by stating that it was too late in the off season to make a move like that because recruiting is almost wrapped up (Wilson is the lead recruiter on at least three of OU's 2010 commitments) and there wouldn't be any time to get set up in another location to land recruits over the next two weeks. Besides that you can't trust a rumor based on what someone said about someone else's kids, right?

Then I discover this morning that is listing Wilson as being very close to accepting the position at either East Carolina or Louisiana Tech. Hmmmmm we'll where there's smoke there's fire so I did a little more digging and found this thread on a Louisiana Tech message board where they're excited about the news that Wilson is going to be their next head coach. Finally, Scout is reporting that he could be named the Bulldog's next head coach as soon as today.


-UPDATE: 11:14 am-

ESPN's pay service is now reporting Wilson as the front runner for the La. Tech job.


-UPDATE: 11:29 am- has now posted this,

BREAKING NEWS as Oklahoma Sooner Offensive Coordiator Kevin Wilson has been hired as its new head coach.  A press conference is scheduled for 3 pm this afternoon in Ruston.


-UPDATE: 1:27 pm- has now taken down their post announcing Kevin Wilson has been hired and press conference announcement. They are now stating that Arizona offensive coordinator Sonny Dykes has been interviewed.

-UPDATE: 2:53 pm-

Looks like Wilson has turned down La. Tech and is now interviewing with East Carolina. The latest update from states that the Bulldogs have hired Sonny Dykes.

BREAKING NEWS and FIRST TO REPORT that Arizona Offensive Coordinator, Sonny Dykes, has been hired as the new Head Football Coach.  According to our sources, Dykes is negotiating and finalizing the contract.   We expect an announcement as earlier as tomorrow.


Looks like we'll be monitoring the rumor mill now for East Carolina updates!