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SBNation’s College Hoops Power 16: Kansas, Purdue Take The Tumble


Jan 14, 2010 - In a week where it seemed like everyone took a hit on the chin, only two undefeateds remain and protecting home court could be the prevailing theme in this college basketball season.  Texas slips into our number one spot, but has a tough stretch of games to close out January. Purdue suddenly seems mortal, nobody quite seems immortal, and Villanova somehow has only one loss.  Basically, nothing is determined (except that the Pac-10 is horrible) with two months until Selection Sunday.

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1. Texas Longhorns (12 first place votes) (+1 from last week)

In similar fashion to rival Kansas, which went unchallenged with unexciting victories as the No. 1 team, Texas quietly slips into the top spot after a weekend of hellish losses to a bevy of top 10 teams. Sure the Longhorns were given a bit of a scare at Arkansas last week, but they significantly out rebounded the Razorbacks and shot an astounding 59 percent from the field.  The deepest team in the country, 11 Longhorn players sees 10 or more minutes a game, meaning each position has a reliable back-up in the event of an unforeseen injury. Hey, we know Mack Brown didn't have that luxury.

This week: 1/16 vs. Texas A&M; 1/18 @ Kansas State

2. Kentucky Wildcats (5) (+2)

I have an admission of guilt to make. No, I didn't take PEDs back in the late 90s and my transgressions are minor and infrequent, but I was completely unaware of the dance craze sweeping the Bluegrass state. After reading Grant Wahl's piece on John Wall, I was introduced to the Shizz. And while Wahl wove the motif into the feature piece just the way you would expect from a thirtysomething white male with an affinity for soccer, it did get me YouTubeing.  Upon the completion of my search, I discovered that there are young Wildcat fans out there whose parents need to better monitor their children's after school activities, because this, for example, is absolutely tragic:

This week: 1/16 @ Auburn


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