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Crimson And Cream Machine’s Top 10 Of 2009


The year 2009 turned out to be a banner year for Crimson And Cream Machine. Our blog celebrated its fourth birthday in August and as a whole we saw record increases in site traffic, page views and new members for the year. We'd like to express our thanks to you, the readers, for making this site what it is. Obviously without you this thing wouldn't work.

Now comes the challenge. I led by a large margin in comments and FanShots last year and would very much like to see someone over take me in 2010 as that would be a sure sign of growth and activity on the site. Who's going to step up to the challenge? All of our post allow you to add your own commentary and opinions in the comments section and the FanShots feature gives you the perfect opportunity to share a photo, comment, link or story to the community. Thanks again for a great 2009 and here's to an even better 2010.

Matt Hofeld

CC Machine


See if you made the Top 10 after the jump! 

Stats For 2009

New Members


Total Comments


Total Stories


Total FanPosts


Total FanShots


Most Active Commenters

User Count
ccmachine 1550
scarab 976
inocybe 590
Jubanator14 494
chrisabo 493
Redhawk 442
boomer1 356
OU JJ 220
SoonerDutch 198
Tech92 177

Most Stories

User Count
ccmachine 462
dishingoutdimes 153
Jubanator14 18

Most FanPosts

User Count 12
jtesooner 8
ccmachine 7
curtistimsah 6
chrisabo 6
SoonerDutch 4
Sooner Lacrosse 45 4
dishingoutdimes 4
rollleft96 4
Jubanator14 4

Most FanShots

User Count
ccmachine 79
dishingoutdimes 38
Jubanator14 10
SoonerDutch 9
sroufe 7
chrisabo 7 6
depogue 4
Jon Johnston 4
James Quinn 2