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Cowboys Bench Perrish Cox For Cotton Bowl

Oklahoma State was already limited on offense due to Dez Bryant's ineligibility but now they'll be limited on defense and special teams due to an indiscretion by Perrish Cox. Apparently Cox missed the team's curfew (reported by the Daily Oklahoman) but you have to assume there was a little more to it for him to draw complete game suspension instead of a series or a quarter. At least he's got Bryant's support.

On his Facebook wall, Cox wrote: "I'm officially not playing in the bowl game."

In response to Cox's comment, Dez Bryant wrote: "call me..." then a bit later "for the whole game....thats way to much.... a cowboy reminder is enough... not the whole game." - Daily Oklahoman

As Sooner fans we know all too well the frustrations of losing key players on the verge of a big bowl game due to stupidity (Lendy Holmes or DeMarcus Granger anyone?). I just don't know it if gives me more sympathy or makes the situation more humorous.