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BYU Game Position Grades

As we close the door on the BYU game and start looking at the Idaho State Bengals we'll close with our position grades from Saturday night's game. Obviously it didn't go the way that we had though, or hoped, it would but the season is still young and the team is still talented. There are lots of possibilities for Oklahoma just as long as they don't grade out like this anymore.

Quarterback B+

Sam Bradford completed 10 of 14 passes (71.4%) for 96 yards and a score before his injury. As Bradford's backup, Landry Jones completed 6 of 12 passes for 51 yards. Neither quarterback threw a pick.

Running Backs C+

DeMarco Murray carried the ball 10 times for 58 yards and Chris Brown had 14 carries 59 yards (4.2ypc). Those are good averages but when you consider that Murray put the ball on the ground and that the Sooners couldn't score a touchdown when they had a first and goal from the 2 they lose a lot of their luster.

Receivers/Tight Ends C+

Ryan Broyles scored a touchdown and Brandon Caleb caught 4 passes for 57 yards (14.3 ypc). That was it for the receiver highlights. The rest of the night can be summed up by dropped passes, fumbles and missed blocks.

Offensive Line F

Technically the o-line did only give up one sack and they paved the way for DeMarco Murray and Chris Brown to have big rushing averages but as a team Oklahoma ran for an average of 3.8 yards per carry and the penalties were just absolutely killers and ridiculous.

Defensive Line A+

The d-line contributed two of Oklahoma's four sacks and put a fair amount of pressure on Max Hall all night as well as holding the Cougars to an average of 0.8 yards per carry. Gerald McCoy accounted for four tackles for loss.

Linebackers A

Travis Lewis registered a team high 13 tackles, Ryan Reynolds added another 10 plus a sack and an interception. Keenan Clayton also had a pick to go along with his 4 tackles.

Secondary C+

Dominique Franks seem to struggle quite a bit and the safeties were out of position on BYU's final touchdown. While not totally the secondary's fault, Max Hall passed for 329 yards.

Special Teams A

The missed field goal at the end of the game is the only criticism I can find for the special teams and even that was a prayer. Kick and punt units were very good I thought going both ways.