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Jermaine Gresham Injured Will Not Play Against BYU


This is one of those rumors that unfortunately turned out to be true. Oklahoma tight end Jermaine Gresham has a knee injury (torn meniscus) that will keep him out of at least the BYU game but more than likely a few others as well. They are waiting on an MRI to determine if the injury can be healed by rest or if it will require surgery. As of now the prognosis is that he’s out three to six weeks but based on the results of the MRI that timeline could change for the better (please, please, please) or worse.


Again, this is a confirmed injury and can be changed from rumor to fact. I’m not sure how this affects Oklahoma’s lineup for Saturday night against BYU. Trent Ratterree is currently listed as the backup tight end but I would say that the odds of Brody Eldridge switching jerseys and pads and moving from center to tight end just significantly increased.