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Sam Bradford Practices

Courtesy of's Tim Griffin:

Heisman Trophy winner Sam Bradford attempted to go through quarterback drills with Oklahoma on Monday as he rehabs from a sprained right shoulder.

Offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson said after practice that Bradford "was doing more today than he's done."

Kevin Wilson also cautioned people about being too optimistic about Bradford playing against Miami:

Wilson said it would be "interesting" as the Sooners go through the week to see how Bradford recovers. He thought Bradford would need to practice for at least a couple days before the Miami game to regain his timing with the Sooners for him to be able to play against Miami.

"I think he definitely has to practice. How much? I don't know. Coach Stoops and [quarterbacks coach] Josh [Heupel] can decide that," Wilson said. "The comforting thing is you know Landry's playing well enough that we can definitely have a chance against any opponent. The key deal is not Sam and not Landry at quarterback. It's the surrounding parts of our football team and playing well in all phases."

To his credit, Landry Jones is still treating practice like he's the starter:

"Right now, I am preparing like I will be the starter for Miami, just in case Sam's not back and not ready," Jones said.