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Cougars Want To Get Physical

Jorgenson calls out Gresham and wants him to know that he's coming at him. Not really a good idea in my opinion.

I guess somehow the misconception that OU is a finesse team and doesn’t like to play physical ball is out there in the college football world. At least that’s what BYU thinks. They plan on, "punching the Sooners in the mouth." According to defensive end Jan Jorgenson the Cougars believe that if they’re physical and take it too the Sooners then OU doesn’t stand a chance.

"We’ve got to go out there and make it a game where it’s just a battle. If we turn it into a track meet, you know they’ve got great athletes and everything, I think we’ll be in trouble but if we go out there and punch them in the mouth and turn it into a street fight then you’ll see us take advantage of them and we’ll win that football game."

"The first drive is important for both sides too. The offense that goes out there, even if they don’t score they’ve got to drive that ball. The same with the defense, we’ve got to come out there and we’ve got to hit them. We’ve got to let guys like DeMarco Murray, Sam Bradford and Gresham know that we’re coming at them" – Jan Jorgenson, BYU Defensive End

 Jan Jorgenson is from Helper, Utah population 2,025. What in the world could he possibly know about street fighting? Perhaps he grew up playing the classic video game. This game could get testy very quick and I’m not sure that I’d want to be anywhere near Jermaine Gresham after someone tried to man up and get physical with him.