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Oklahoma’s Offensive Keys To Success Against Tulsa

Oklahoma got back on track offensively last week against Idaho State but let's be honest, had they not heads would have rolled. Beating the Bengals soundly wasn't something that you want to pound your chest over and it certainly didn't do anything to remove the pessimistic attitude that many fans have towards the OU offense. That could change this afternoon if the Sooners can rack up yards and points against a Golden Hurricane defense that's only allowing 11 points per game to this point. For that to happen OU must do the following.

Be Mentally And Physically Sound On The Offensive Line

While we're not quite sure who we'll see as starters along the line one thing that we do know is that there are several positions on the line that are not secure yet. Oklahoma is reaching the point of the season where they need to have the line secured and you almost get the feeling that today's game will go a long way in making that happen.

Physically the Sooners are sound on the line. They are big, fast and have good foot work. They really haven't been out muscled this season but they have had some of the biggest mental lapses we've seen since Stocker McDougal played for John Blake. That has to stop because Oklahoma's offensive success depends on it. They must know the snap count and their blitz assignments.

Run The Football

That may sound a bit trivial but Tulsa is only allowing their opponents to run for 47 yards per game. We've heard a lot this last week about how DeMarco Murray is as healthy as he's been since coming to OU. Let's see that on the field against a real opponent. The Murray/Chris Brown combo has to shatter the century mark today to take pressure off Landry Jones and get the play-action passing game working.

Find A Number Two Receiver

Brody Eldridge, Adron Tennell, Brandon Caleb, Cameron Kenny, Jaz Reynolds or someone has to emerge today. Oklahoma's need for a receiver to complement Ryan Broyles is every bit as big as the need for the offensive line to gel. Whether it comes from the tight end position or from one of the flankers it has to come. Anything after that is just a bonus.

The other thing here is that Landry Jones has to use his options. Last week against Idaho State Jones had tunnel vision and locked in on his first option without going through his progressions. It cost him one interception and truthfully should have cost him more. Against the defenses that Oklahoma will face from here on out, including today, Jones won't be able to get away with telegraphing his passes.