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A Poem For the Pokes

I had this emailed to me by a friend and found it good enough to post for all of you to enjoy. More Tulsa coverage coming tonight!


For one week, the streets of Oklahoma were lined with orange and black

With Cowboys and Cowgirls all leading the pack

For one week, it was so glorious to be a Poke

It was finally the Sooners as the butt of the joke

For one week, pistols were firing from Guymon to Meeker

While the outlook in Norman could not have been bleaker

For one week, Crimson and Cream faithful were shedding a tear

As OSU fans proclaimed, "it is finally our year!"

For one week, Stillwater seemed brighter and bolder

While in Norman they worried about Sammy's sore shoulder

For one week, Zach and Dez were the toast of the town

As poor Kevin Wilson played the role of the clown

For one week, Cowboy Nation had reason to brag

Sports Illustrated even put em' on the front of their mag

For one week, those fans were boastful and bold

While the air down in Norman got incredibly cold


The problem with one week is that lasts just seven days

Saturday rolls around and you need to call new plays

The Cowboys went out and they did what they do

They stumbled and bumbled, and fumbled some too

They got behind early as their fans thought "It can't be!"

"I thought this was our year, where the hell is the D!?"

They had one last chance, but Zach threw a pick

As Coach Gundy had flashbacks to "this makes me sick."

The game had ended and Houston had won

Hope quickly faded from so much to none

Some fans yelled, "This always happens to us Pokes"

"Now we'll just wait for the heckles and jokes."

"I don't ask much, one year of glory I seek."

"Why can't we get there for more than one week?"

For one week it was attention, praise, and some glory

For one week, the Cowboys were a very hot story

Somewhere Boone Pickens gazed up at the sky

And asked the football Gods, "why, oh why?"

"We've tried so hard and we've done so much"

"A championship trophy I so long to touch"

Boone begged and pleaded, he demanded to know

He wanted more wins for all of his dough

The Gods thought it over and came up with a reply

Boone was so excited he started to cry

"We've decided to let you touch football heaven."

"You'll get one more 2097."