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The Scoop – What The World Is Saying About Oklahoma

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Here we go! Oklahoma officially has started practice which, in my opinion, means the season is under way. Picking up where we left off last night, here’s the latest headlines concerning the Sooners.


  • Bob Stoops Optimistic About The Season – Really? Which coach isn’t optimistic at this point? Even the people in Ames have a good feeling about the season right now.
  • The Oklahoma Dynasty – Before we go harping again about the disappointment of losing a national championship game let’s take a minute to count the number of programs in the Big 12 that have accomplished what Oklahoma has over the last decade. Okay…I’m coming up with zilch…how about you?

BCS bowl games might be a different story. But at least in the Big 12, the Sooners have been the dominant program this decade. Stoops has claimed six Big 12 championships in his career. No other coach has won more than one.

"I think there's a lot of things we can improve upon," he said. "You know, we lost two games last year. I feel like I was responsible for part of the losses in both of those games. So obviously there's room to improve. It might not be statistically, but in the win-loss, a loss is on me. I'm the quarterback, the leader of this offense, so I feel like to improve on that, to not lose a game this year, that would be a great improvement."


  • Do we need to focus less on Sooners/Longhorns and more on Sooners/Gators? Let’s face it, as OU fans we really did get the last laugh in `08. I’ve said it before, and I mean it by the way, they can keep their win in the Cotton Bowl because I’m completely satisfied with keeping the Big 12 Championship. Besides that, there may be more national talk going on about the Sooners and Gators anyway. 


If the Gators can reach the BCS title game, a familiar foe could be waiting. Oklahoma, who lost to the Gators in Miami last year, is ready for another run at their second championship of the decade.

  • Fox Sports has their Top 10 Impact Players. Sam Bradford is #3. Kid is good!

Around The Big 12


  • We’ve had discussions about losing the national championship game resulting in the season being a disappointment. Let’s look to our friends in College Station for a little perspective because 10 years ago we were there.
  • Clone Chronicles has a good topic up. Who Do You Root Against? Hmmm…my list would be Texas, O-State, Florida State, Texas, Miami (FL), LSU, Texas, USC and Texas. How about you?
  • Double T Nation has The 5 Questions Biggest Questions Heading Into Fall Practice. I’ve got one to add. What the heck were they thinking agreeing to move the Texas game up?
  • Bring On The Cats has a not so great forecast on the Big 12 North.