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Depth Chart For BYU Game Released - A Few Surprises

As Oklahoma is in full game week preparations for BYU, Bob Stoops has released the depth chart for game one. The biggest thing that stands out is that the rumors of Brody Eldridge actually starting at center are true. This really shouldn't be alarming to Sooner fans because we knew that he was working out at the position now as it turns out he's edged Ben Habern, at this point, to anchor the line. Eldridge gives up nothing to Habern in height as he stands two inches taller than the 6-3 Habern.


Experience also shouldn't be an issue with Eldridge either. Yes, I realize that he's never started a game at center but as a senior at Oklahoma he's had plenty of game experience. He's often been lauded as the team's best blocker, he's got size (6-5, 265) long arms and the versatility that allowed him to play tight end and fullback.   

Another thing that caught my eye on the offensive depth chart is in the receiver position. For all that we've heard on Cameron Kenney and Mossis Madu, its actually Brandon Caleb who is on the first team while Kenney and Madu are second team. However, do expect to see all these guys on the field Saturday night.

Defensively there was nothing that surprised me other than the fact that neither DeMarcus Granger nor Jamarkus McFarland made the two deep. Frank Alexander is listed as a backup tight end but then again with all the talent at that position someone had to rotate in behind the starters. There are at least three guys on the two-deep at defensive end that could compete for All-Conference honors but only two of them can start. That’s not really a bad problem to have.


Finally, my assumption that the coaches don’t want DeMarco Murray returning kickoffs was correct. They need him to stay healthy and there is enough speed and talent on this team where it isn’t necessary for him to be out there. Good call by the coaching staff.