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A Few Gators Like Rubbing Salt In The Wound

I'm sure, by now, that you have all heard of Florida Gators linebacker Brandon Spikes claiming that OU is a dirty team. This came out over the past month. In case you haven't here's some quotes from a Tim Griffin ESPN Big 12 Blog Post:

Spikes told the Orlando Sentinel that he thinks the Sooners are a dirty team. When the Sentinel asked Spikes about the dirtiest players on his own team, Spikes instead mentioned his experiences with the Gators' opponent in the BCS national title game. "Compared to Oklahoma, you won't find anyone [as dirty]," Spikes told the Sentinel.

Very interesting. Especially since stuff like this happened:

By the way, Mr. Tebow received a taunting penalty for that. The Gators thought the Sooners were a bit mouthy, but it certainly seems like it was a two way street. I don't blame either team for getting up for the game and doing a bit of talking. That makes it more interesting! But talking trash doesn't mean a team is "dirty". But if Mr. Spikes wants to talk about being "dirty", he should look in the mirror after throwing a punch following a legal block:

I bring all of this up because another Gator player started talking about the Sooners recently, and all of that is after the jump! (click link below)

Florida safety Ahmad Black recalled his 4th quarter interception off Sam Bradford:

He said he got a lot of enjoyment out of seeing the look on Sooner quarterback Sam Bradford’s face after he made that interception.

"I saw it a couple times (on tape)," Black said. "I just like looking at Sam Bradford’s face. I fast-forward through the pick and just look at him."

In case all of you can't remember, Black basically ripped the ball out of Juaquin Iglesias' hands. But never mind that, Black was focused on Bradford's reaction. If he wants to sit in his room and replay the interception with glee, that's fine, but I have no idea why he needed to go on the record about something like that.

I haven't seen anything like this from the Sooner players (i.e. taking cheap shots at Gators players), but they were asked about Spikes' comments. They mostly took the high road.

Meanwhile, both teams seem to want another shot at each other. Florida:

Several Gators said they are eagerly anticipating a chance that the Gators and Sooners could meet up in a bowl game and maybe in the 2010 national title game in Pasadena, Calif.

"That's going to be fun if we play them," Florida defensive end Carlos Dunlap told the Sentinel.

And Oklahoma:

Whatever the impetus behind the comments, it certainly adds to the anticipation of a potential rematch in Pasadena, Calif.

"That might be something to get something started," Clayton said.

That is something that I do agree with Gators players on. A rematch would be spectacular. I think it would be very heated and intense, and it could be one of the most entertaining games in awhile. For now, I say let the Gators keep talking, and the Sooners can lay back and wait for their chance.