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Out Of Court Settlement In Balogun Case In The Works

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It looks as if Mike Balogun made the right call by getting an attorney and aggressively going after the NCAA as it is beginning to look like the witch hunt is coming to an end. The Star-Telegram is reporting that Balogun’s attorney is working on an out of court settlement that could allow Oklahoma’s linebacker to continue his playing career as a Sooner.

 "We are working on resolving the situation in a way that will be a case of win-win for everyone," attorney Woody Glass said in a telephone message.

Balogun’s case consisted of affidavits from at least five reputable sources that state Balogun did not play beyond his 21st birthday which basically left the NCAA without a leg to stand on because their case was built only on speculation, an unsworn statement from one person and internet postings. Baiscally Balogun’s camp had a Royal Flush and the NCAA didn’t even have a low pair.

The only thing that bothers me now is that Woody glass described it as a win-win for everyone. Keep in mind that he doesn’t represent The University of Oklahoma so he’s not necessarily obligated make is a win for OU but what would make this a win for the NCAA. While I would think that its along the lines of, "you’ve got nothing on my client so if you let him play we won’t sue the pants off of you" so everybody wins, there’s still the possibility that with the stubborn nature of the NCAA this could be a lump sum settlement to drop the suit and not play type situation. I don’t believe that is what Balogun was looking for so I’m not at all saying that’s what has happened. I’m just a bit fearful.

Here’s what we know for sure:

* Woody Glass has filed at least five affidavits with testimony that Mike Balogun didn’t play after his 21st birthday.

* The NCAA (to this point) has no sworn testimony against Balogun.

* An out of court settlement is in the works.

* Woody Glass has stated that tomorrow’s hearing on the case will not take place.

The last point leads me to believe that as settlement could be reach pretty soon.