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Mike Balogun Hits Back At The NCAA By Filing Lawsuit

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While the NCAA is still "investigating" the fact that Reggie Bush and his family received hundreds of thousands of dollars in benefits while playing at USC the Trojans are marching on unscathed. However, a linebacker at Oklahoma actually pays money from his own pocket to play in a disorganized semi-pro football league for a team that is now defunct and he’s marched almost immediately to the NCAA firing squad. Thus is the story of Mike Balogun.


Since the story broke on Friday that the NCAA had decertified Balogun we’ve had little to no information over what college football’s governing body was up to. However, we do know what Balogun has been up to. On the eve of his final practice with the Sooners before he awaits the verdict from a group of people who can’t turn the testimony of a man who admitted to providing improper benefits to a Heisman winning running back into anything…at all, Balogun decided that sitting and waiting wasn’t his thing. Instead, he’s taken the offensive by filing a civil suit against the NCAA for more than $10,000 in damages.


Who knows where this will lead him as Oklahoma gets closer and closer to game week but we do know that he’s already been awarded a restraining order against the NCAA at least until a hearing on Monday afternoon. If Mike Balogun goes down, he’ll most certainly go down fighting and while most people can’t figure out how or why the NCAA does what it does there’s least one guy out there who won’t let them be a bully. Kudos to you Mike and best of luck!