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Mike Balogun Could Be Out Of Eligibility


Oklahoma linebacker Mike Balogun is being forced to do the NCAA Two-Step as the governing body investigates his eligibility. After being cleared to play for the 2008 season the NCAA now wants to make sure that he still has enough eligibility for 2009. What’s being questioned is Balogun’s age when he played on a semi-pro football team in the North American Football League.


The NCAA was made aware of Balogun’s participation in semi-pro ball in May of last year and was cleared with no complications. What the NCAA is looking at now is if he played any semi-pro games after he turned 21. The way I understand the rule, after your 21st birthday you lose one year of eligibility for every 12 month period in which you were compensated to play a sport. In short, if he played after his 21st birthday then he’s most likely done at Oklahoma.